How | Why

Why are we doing this?

Because we have to. Because we can. Without a doubt, the 2020 election is a unique and important election. Maintaining top of the ticket focus and generating voter enthusiasm are key political strategies in a uniquely partisan election cycle. This is not a time for silence nor an year for anyone to sit on the sidelines. Turnout is everything in this election. Say it again: turnout is everything. Putting up signs, wearing buttons and using visuals with strong messages are powerful tools that help raise voter awareness. To that end, Bluedentity is sharing a unique set of punchy and memorable campaign designs.

Who are we?

Bluedentity is a consultancy focused on improving progressive campaign branding and messaging. We work with candidates/issues/causes to raise visibility and memorability. Using a combination of design and marketing skills focused on building strong, memorable identity, plus a history in developing political strategy and messaging, we work behind the scenes to help progressive campaigns succeed. Bluedentity works at local, county, state and federal levels. For the remainder of 2020, our focus is to enhance general election voter awareness by sharing impactful designs and messages. Beyond this election, if you’re a progressive candidate running for office in the 2022 or 2024 cycles, we’re here to help you succeed. Keep in touch.

What are the rules?

We’re happy to give away our 2020 sign designs and hope you use and enjoy them. The rules for using the designs are simple. All we ask is that you don’t upload or transfer our files to other websites and stick to a few simple rules: Give Bluedentity credit and don’t sell or modify the designs or products made from them. Told you it was easy.

All designs are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivative licensing. Downloaded designs and the resulting products can be used to make signs, stickers, whatever, but they cannot be used to make things for sale nor can they be modified in any way. Give us credit if you share photos of your signs, stickers and buttons with friends and through social media. And, please do send us photos of your sign. We love to see them in use. If you think someone else might want a sign, send them our way. Our designs are free.

We following a few rules of our own. First, we don’t ask for, nor are we interested in collecting names, email addresses, or any personal information. Your anonymity is assured. That said, we’re far from done creating new 2020 designs to share. There is more to come. If you’d like to be notified as new ones come out, click here to keep informed. Next, Bluedentity’s goals in this election are simple and clear. We are giving our designs away to help focus attention to the race at the top of the ticket. We want to encourge activisim and voter turn out. Though our designs are free, if any income is returned through the third-party manufacturers who make buttons, stickers, etc., it will be donated to national or local charities that support hunger or homelessness.

Getting things done

How to get a sign made

We have no desire to print, mail, or sell bulky campaign signs, but we can help you get your own eye-grabbing sign made locally for just $12.99 in three easy steps. You can even order a sign via your smartphone.

  1. Download the sign design of your choice to your phone, tablet or computer from the signs page
  2. Go to the custom yard sign page of and choose customize and upload the sign image.
  3. Choose the options for print direct and free in store pickup and place your order.

If you choose the last option and pick up the sign from your local Office Depot or Office Max, there are no shipping charges. Sign stakes are even included. Sweet. Usually, it’ll be ready in 3-5 days. BTW: We have no affiliation or connection to the company, but find their one-off sign service fast, convenient, and inexpensive. $12.99 for a one-off sign is a heck of a deal.

How to order buttons, stickers and clothing

Ordering buttons, stickers and clothing is just as easy. We do this through third party entities who can manufacture and ship them directly to you. Go to the buttons, stickers or clothing pages. for all the details. Click on a design you like, select quantities and place your order. Told you it was easy. Any income made from the sale of buttons, stickers, or clothing will be donated to a national or local foodbank or homeless organization.